Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This holiday season hit me like a whirl wind.  Amongst the craziness I enjoyed wonderful times with family and friends, celebrated with holiday traditions, ate delicious meals and cataloged lots of cherished memories. Not leaving much time for writing about all of it, I am excited to begin the new year on A Better Bite.

Now that we have unwrapped our presents, braved a blizzard and made it through the holiday madness we mark the beginning of a new year.  Along with the countdown, the party hats and the champagne, most of us have welcomed our new year with a resolution.  If you are like most people, you have made this year's resolution to lose weight.  And like most people, it will most likely last a week or two and then you will forget about it.

This year, my resolution is to keep my resolutions.  Rather than making a list of unrealistic goals, I have committed myself to figuring out how to actually achieve the goals I have set for myself in the new year.  Instead of setting a resolution to "lose weight" identify an approach that will lead to that result.  Saying you are going to lose weight doesn't define how you are going to create a healthier lifestyle. Resolutions that are focused on the process are much more likely to produce results.  You can't just say, you have to figure out how to do.  Activities that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss include learning to cook, creating a regular exercise schedule, cutting out processed foods or increasing fruits and vegetable consumption.

For 2011, sit down and evaluate your lifestyle.  What can you do to make this year a little bit healthier?  Pick one aspect of your life that you can realistically change-then do it.  Take this New Year as an opportunity to accomplish something you have been meaning to do to better yourself.

Wishing you a happy, healthier and better New Year :)

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