Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food for Thought: Where are you from?

Whenever we meet someone new, etiquette prompts us to ask for a name.  Most of the time, we never remember it.  However, the next question asked is almost always "Where are you from?" And for some reason we always remember this bit of information.  I guess it is because it helps give some insight into this new person, perhaps find some common ground and for some, draw premature conclusions.  However you utilize the information is irrelevant.  We always ask.

I have found that this very same question is extremely useful in acting as a guidelines for what to eat.  When debating a food, ask yourself "where is this from?"  If the answer is "a plant," or "an animal" or "a farm," then eat it.  If the answer is "a factory," or "a laboratory" or even worse "I have no idea," then don't eat it. Super simple.  I don't like diets or complicated nutritional information.  It's ineffective and most often confusing and frustrating.  So I have come up with my own tips and tricks for guiding my food choices.

Here is an obvious example.  Think about a diet coke.  Where is that from?  Hmmmm.  Good question.  If I had to guess more than two ingredients in soda I'd be out of luck and I have no idea how they get that taste into the bottle.  If you can't figure out where it's from or how it's made, do not put it in your mouth.

Obvious example on the flip side.  Think about an apple.  Where is that from?  A lovely farm somewhere.  You know exactly what it is, how it was made and that it is beneficial to your body.

A few more examples, just to drive the point home:

Where is....
peanut butter from?   Peanuts. Plant.  Yummy.
a bag of Doritos from?  That cheese is most certainly not real.  Ew.
You get it....

Now, as Halloween and holiday season approach, don't stress yourself out.  You can ask all the questions you want and provide unpleasant information in excess and it still won't stop me from eating a Reese's.  This is simply a guideline to easily help you distinguish between the foods that have a place in your diet, and the foods that should only have a place in your trick-or-treat bag.

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